Hi, how
are you?

I'm Javiera. I'm a Product Designer with a background in UI and Motion Design (among other things).

(I'm also learning to code 🙈.)

I was born in Chile and grew up in Bilbao–Basque Country, a cloudy paradise of pintxos, culture and tradition where I spent my youthful years playing the guitar, going to art school and dreaming of becoming a rockstar someday. I now live in Barcelona, the crazy land of tech startups and playground for my new creative endeavours!

I started out as a Motion & UI Designer, but as the curious creature I am, I eventually became more interested in how users interacted with the interface rather than in the interface itself –which is still fun though–, so I started a journey of trying to figure out why humans do stuff and behave the way they do with the hope of making things easier and prettier for them.
I'm currently learning HTML and CSS and building my first websites. I also have a deep growing interest in Sociology, Anthropology and Behavioral Science –I try to read and learn new stuff everyday.